Transport and Logistics

Transportation and strategies are profoundly contending businesses adding to India's economy. Overseeing strategies activities and work process is a seriously drawn-out task. ERP represents Enterprise Resource Planning, which is known to be a conclusive device that permits a helpful progression of organic market in the coordinated operations industry. Absolutely, the framework can consistently work different cycles and handle new fierce circumstances effortlessly.

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Stock Control and Conveyance Arranging

It guarantees functional proficiency by having unlimited authority over the stock. You can get every one of the information and data including orders, inbound and outbound deals, conveyances, and to a greater degree toward a concentrated framework.

Further Develop Straightforwardness

Getting a merged perspective on the store network process as the ERP programming will in general be coordinated with constant following elements. For example, empowering cloud sending can assist you with following a high volume of information progressively.

Information The Board and Consistence

ERP programming for planned operations can deal with the main part of information with practically no manual mistakes. Access the control of significant and precise information that incorporates delivering charges, fabricating costs, transfer notes, and so forth.


Transport Request

Mobile App For Driver

Enhanced Document Tracking

Consolidated And Dedicated Trips

Easily Customize in One Minute


Solid and sturdy development

Enormous Data Volume

Cloud planned operations programming can be utilized from anyplace and any time, which permits to strategies organizations to enter information right away.

Precision with diminished time

GSTIN approval, auto getting of client information from GSTN entry and separating data from eWay bill gateway in transfer makes your framework precise and furthermore lessens processing time.

Information overt repetitiveness

Coordinated factors organizations are utilizing various applications like vehicle, accounts, armada, installment card, eWay Bills, FASTag and so forth, Maxmitehas joined incorporated highlights from all applications into one ERP, which diminishes copy responsibility.

Client Communication Cost

Transport organizations needs committed labor to give ideal data to their clients, which inflates cost to organization. We should give your clients LOZICS gateway, client can follow, view bill, get extraordinary and so forth

Nonstop voyaging

More often than not, top and center level administration individual are in voyaging, which gives them less opportunity to investigate organization's MIS. Utilizing cloud and versatile applications stage, such leaders can screen organization's bits of knowledge

controlling pilferage

LOZICS TMS gives checks, balances and relative reports for number of cycles like installments, fuel utilization, trip costs, tire running and so on.

How it works?

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Defining the scope

Characterizing the extent of the execution, project achievements, customizations required, process maps, and anticipated results.

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Analysing business requirements

Examining the business prerequisites, introducing the product in a "sandbox" climate, and designing the framework to match the vital cycle work process.

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Migrating and mapping information

Relocating and planning information into the new framework and performing confirmation checks.

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Testing the framework

Across all divisions and reliably testing and going through the statement to-cash cycle.

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