Delegation & MIS

The goal of MIS is to gather data from many sources and generate insights that promote company expansion. Everyone in business, from the person who pays the bills to the person who makes hiring choices, makes use of information systems.

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Delegation & Mis Features

No hurry . Less worry

Logically integrated system

A sub-system

Data management


Increases productivity

Organized system



Organisational process automation

Through the MIS, business process automation produces instantaneous automatic answers that can facilitate and accelerate human work.

Making better judgments

Greater precision in managerial choices is made possible by the MIS, which provides a real-time view of the overall state of the firm together with indicators and trends.

Higher data accuracy

Data validation and verification checks are simpler to implement in a computerised system than they are in a manual one.

How It Works?

Data Capture


Data capture entails coding input data into a format that the system can use to process it.

Data Storage


The system-captured data might need to be archived for subsequent analysis and presentation.



The essential step in the information processing process that turns raw data into information is analysis.



One of the responsibilities of analysis is to provide information in a way that is more understandable.