Factory Automation

The field of automation technology includes factory automation. It becomes more and more significant as Industry 4.0 develops. The entire production is covered by the discipline in a more or less sophisticated framework. All operating procedures, handling, material flow, the interaction of various parts, devices, and systems, all controllers, and the incorporation of data networks are included in this.

Manufacturers must always respond fast to shifting market conditions and the rising desire for greater levels of customization. This can only be successful if you fundamentally rethink and alter your manufacturing methods and layouts.

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Contributes to Safety

Even the most advanced robotic systems are meaningless without human insight to control them. When facilities use automation, employees don't have to do the most dangerous and dirty jobs.

Higher Productivity

End-to-end factory automation can double or triple production compared to plants that only use multiple automation systems. Also, fully automated plants can typically be kept running longer with relatively little impact on maintenance prospects.

High Level of Focus

Automation allows facilities to offload tedious physical tasks to machines. This allows staff to focus on ways to improve efficiency and extend product functionality. There are good reasons why factory automation is used all over the world.


Higher efficiency


Lower costs


Better safety


Improved speed

Module of Factory Automation Development

The goal of factory automation is to increase manufacturing output, maximize efficiency, and do it at a lower cost. It is a comprehensive industrial process that uses technologies to automate operations, processes, and production.

  • High Productivity

  • Reduced Costs

  • Machine Wise Configuration

  • Greater Safety

  • Improved Flexibility

  • Assembly

  • Barcoding

  • Packaging

  • Contract Manufacturing

  • Real-Time Monitoring

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    Cyber Security

    Industrial cybersecurity is one of the most effective factory automation software aspects for smart manufacturing. This capability safeguards the integrity and availability of critical information technology resources throughout your facility.


    Data Scripting

    Scripting functionality is frequently utilised to do data collecting, display, and control activities without the need for traditional coding. These systems rely on multitasking data scripting languages known as sequences to maximise versatility.


    Numerical control

    Factory automation software feature that promotes smart manufacturing. Numerical control functions guide milling, cutting, and other types of industrial equipment using X, Y, and Z coordinates.


    Condition monitoring

    (CM) examines a variety of characteristics, such as equipment vibration or temperature, to identify potential mechanical problems. This CM can map out and detect equipment degradation on critical production components.


    Oil & gas

    Remote monitoring systems allow operators to closely monitor data at oil rigs and production plants around the world. This enables them to avoid dangerous situations such as fire or chemical leaks.



    Robots can perform an array of manual tasks that would otherwise be extremely dangerous to humans, such as handling hazardous materials or inspecting equipment within a radioactive environment.

    How it works?

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    Robotization Controls Design & Strategic Project Planning

    A solid venture begins with a reasonable undertaking degree and clear cut achievement measurements. Characterize your mechanization and assembling objectives Demonstrate monetary support and assign a reachable ROI Set the undertaking spending plan and timetable.

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    Control Engineering & Programming

    Following undertaking configuration, now is the ideal time to begin fostering the programming and actual control boards expected for your framework. General classifications of programming.

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    Manufacture, Testing & Shipment

    Framework planned and programming set up, you'll require a board manufacture and gathering group to construct different framework parts. We handle this in-house and a similar undertaking chief fostering your controls supervises.

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    The on location establishment process involves: Introducing any pre-created and tried control boards Introducing all programming and programming updates Connecting in-feed and out-feed gear.

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